Session 11

Quick summary of this past session…

  • Returned to Krezk and met with the Burgomeister.
  • Discovered that they rarely see the Abbot and that he demands wine delivered.
  • The bell to the Abbey rings at odd times and inhuman sounds are often heard.
  • The burgomeister was unable to pay the amount requested for the wine, so they consigned themselves to finding another way to appease the Abbot.
  • Proceeded to the Abbey to find the gate guarded by a pair of mongrel folk, amalgamations of animal and human, guarding the gate.
  • Led into the abbey by one of them (Otto Belview) and introduced to the Abbot and a woman in the dining hall.
  • Began a conversation with the Abbot…

And that’s where we’ll pick up next session.

Session 10
Battle on the hill - Part 2


Sorry for the late post all but here’s what happened last week

  • Battled the druids, with the help of Dag and some Ravens, though two ran away
  • Found the two that had run, completing a ritual bringing together a massive Treeblight
  • Battled the tree blight and won despite some rough beating.
  • Found the gem inside it, and caustically decomposed what was left. Looted other corpses too…
  • Returned triumphantly to the vineyard, restoring a glimmer of hope to the grim land of Barovia

That was it! Lots of combat ending in a major victory.

Session 9
Forays into Amateur Forestry


Got a little lazy with the week off, but here’s the updates from last session.

  • Discovered the Martikovs (and others) are members of a kindness of were-ravens, called the Keepers of the Feather. A secretive group opposed to Strahd, but keeping a very low profile.
  • Utilized the Gulthias staff from the head druid to gather and destroy the remaining blights from the vineyard, with each party member keeping a segment of the now inert staff.
  • Headed to Y’ster Hill, an ancient burial site, where scouts discovered one of the gems was taken that allows the vineyard to prosper as it does.
  • Found a enclosed ritual area, which was avoided and proceeded to the grove at the top of the hill.
  • There fought a host of blights, and the Gulthias tree which was responsible for the blight infestations.
  • Alerted a group of the Gulthian druids and berserkers to their presence, who appear on the scene shortly after the felling of the tree, and the recovering of the artifact from it’s base. Also found a magical axe embedded in the tree.

And that’s where we left it. Next session we’ll dive right into the battle with the druids who are rather cross at the destruction of their tree.

Session 8
The winery

tumblr_nwg8lrkxyD1r59t01o1_1280.pngSorry for the late post all… here’s the happenings from last time.

  • Approached the winery, to find the remaining staff sequestered in a near by grove.
  • Met Davian Martikov the owner and eldest of the Martikov family.
  • Agreed to help free the winery, in exchange for wine shipments.
  • Found the area infested with blights.
  • Fought through the druids and their blight minions that were holding the building.
  • Received the a staff from the leader of the group, that appears to be made from the wood of a Gulthias tree, and has some power over the blights.
  • Informed that the winery still has further problems, as the gem that allows the robust growth has been stolen, leaving no future wine shipments after the current (including the poisoned) batches that are fermenting.

That’s the general rundown. Now the party is left to decide how to deal with the remaining blights, and what the next steps are.

Session 7
Frickin Wolves!!!


We picked up where we left off last week, at the bridge, surrounded by a pack of wolves and dire wolves, as well as a were wolf.

  • The group handily dispatched all the wolves, and their werewolf leader with minimal problems, thanks to a mixture of burning angel swarms, sleep spells, and the usual face shredding/melting.
  • Irena was injured in the battle but the wounds were not life threatening.
  • Continued on to Krezk, fleeing more howling from the north.
  • The gate was barred, and the burgomeister had no intention of letting anyone they did not trust into the town.
  • Irena’s letters and station helped the party convince them to allow her to stay under the city’s “protection” while they headed south through the woods towards the Wizard of Wines vineyard.
  • Forded the river with some magical hand waving… literally.
  • Despite attempts at stealth, were eventually found the next morning my Ernst Lanck, the servant/spy of Fiona Wachter, with an invitation from Strahd, requesting to meet and guaranteeing their safety if they decide to do so.
Session 5

4058446_orig.pngWell things got a little crazy in Vallaki this week.

  • Rhyld spooked the vampire nest upstairs of the coffin makers, leading the group to run like hell out of there to the safety of sunlight…
  • Part of the party high tailed it to the Bluewater to act like nothing happened.
    Meanwhile Elly escorted Heinrich and the bones of St. Andral to the church. Negotiating for Heinrich to stay there, and resanctifying the grounds.
  • The burgomeister and his henchman showed up, freaked out, and left in a huff. (While his henchman took a sudden interest in Irena)
  • The Martikovs advised that the only person that could replace Vallakovich… would be Fiona Wachter, who has her own issues.
  • Recon, and hiding (and smashing of rats) until Izek returned to the church with guards to take Irena.
  • THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!!!!! (or… at least a grand entrance, lots of violence, and a few incompetent guardsmen)

… and there we left things. Vallakovich’s main man dead, along with several guardsmen, a stirred up nest of vampire spawn, and all sorts of other things brewing in the city.

Regarding next week, there were some potential schedule conflicts I think. What’s everyone’s plans/needs? I’d like to get things scheduled because if we’re not playing, I might go camping. :)

Session 4

Well a lot went on last week, but I’m gonna try to be brief here.

  • The party met Danica and Urwin Martikov, proprietors of the Blue Water Inn.
  • They found out the wine supplies are running low, and the Martikovs couldn’t pay them for it, but they’d offer any assistance they can if the shipment could be checked on.
  • Met a pair of local wolf hunters, enjoying the spoils from the recent festival focused on killing wolves.
  • Discovered the burgomaster (Vallakovich) is a petty and vengeful man who holds weekly festivals, thinking making the people happy will free them from Strahd. His political rival, the widow Fiona Wachter would be a more competent leader, but has ties to Strahd.
  • Coined the term “Bro-rovians”
  • Met Rictavio, a travelling carnival performer who is stuck in Barovia… with a saber tooth tiger in his wagon.
  • Visited the church of St. Andral and spoke with the priest who informed them of the removal of the bones that sanctified the site and protected it from evil. It would be disastrous if this was known.
  • The priest has not had contact with the Abby of St. Markovia in some time, nor Donnovich. It’s evident that the clergy used to be in closer communication but current situations make that unfeasible.
  • Interrogated the sullen gravedigger, using unconventional mammary-based techniques, to find out he took the bones for the grave digger in exchange for money to help feed is family.
  • Broke down the door of the grave digger, held him at crossbow point, and found the bones.
  • Discovered a mysterious charismatic man had forced him to hide several crates in his attic in exchange for unspecified prosperity (an offer he couldn’t refuse.) The crates contained horrible powerful creatures that forced him to steal and hide the bones.
  • Rylde… investigated.

And that’s where we left. No combat, but the looks of a rather big fight about to happen. The Festival of the Burning Sun is in two days. And there is mention of a “Feast of St. Andral” in a week or so time.

Make sure you’ve adjusted for money spent on food. No other expenses were incurred as far as I recall

As for this week, I’m probably skipping RenFaire since I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about, so I’m open for a normal Friday night. Noel is going to have his hands full with lots of seamen for the next few weeks, so we may be down a bard. I leave it to you all what you’d prefer to do with this. Options are:
Continue campaign. Someone will need to play Maxi. (Provided Noel is ok with this)
I can roll up a one(or two really) shot of some sort easily… with fewer eastern European accents.
Some other game night (board games or some such)
Let me know what you all want to do. I’m flexible and here to facilitate, but I’ll need peoples input.

Session 2

Thanks for making it out on Saturday all. Here’s the summary of the goings on.

  • Zhermenos, not believing the mist to be impassable, left to find his own way out of the valley.
  • The party visited Bildrath’s Mercantile, meeting Bildrath and his nephew Perrywimpple. Prices were exorbitant, yet Safra purchased a small spool of crimson thread.
  • While staying the night at the home of Ireena and Ismark, the house was attacked by a host of undead, lead by a ghast who demanded Ireena be surrendered to it. Fighting ensued, and though some injuries were sustained, the party was able to best the undead.
  • It was revealed after this, that Strahd had bitten Ireena twice, and was relentlessly pursuing her, believing her to be “Tatyana”. The party left the house in the middle of the night to the minimal (but better) safety of the church.
  • Donovich, the priest, advised in the morning they take Ireena far away, to the Abby of St. Markovia, to be protected there on hallowed ground by the abbot.
    The group left as early as possible heading west.
  • They came to a gallows, with 11 unmarked graves, at the crossroads along the Old Svalich road. One of the hanging bodies was noticed to look exactly like Rylde. When struck, the corpse melted and disintegrated, leaving nothing behind.
  • They continued along the north fork, attempting reaching Tser pool and the Vistani encampment where Madam Eva resides.
  • At the camp, it was discovered they were all known and expected. They attempted to hide the presence of Irena, however Madam Eva’s powers of foresight saw through the subterfuge.
  • Rylde made friends with some Vistani through the magic of story and alcoholism.
  • Madam Eva read their fortune, and outlined what the group must find to “help” Strahd be free of his curse.
  • Madam Eva also disclosed that Zhermenos was also headed west.
  • The party continued on, past the Tser falls, heading towards Vallaki.
  • Unable to reach Vallaki by sundown, the group made camp and set a watch in a near by wood.

And that’s where we left it. I was full of anti-inflammatories and sinus meds so tell me if there’s anything my spacey brain forgot.


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