Session 8

The winery

tumblr_nwg8lrkxyD1r59t01o1_1280.pngSorry for the late post all… here’s the happenings from last time.

  • Approached the winery, to find the remaining staff sequestered in a near by grove.
  • Met Davian Martikov the owner and eldest of the Martikov family.
  • Agreed to help free the winery, in exchange for wine shipments.
  • Found the area infested with blights.
  • Fought through the druids and their blight minions that were holding the building.
  • Received the a staff from the leader of the group, that appears to be made from the wood of a Gulthias tree, and has some power over the blights.
  • Informed that the winery still has further problems, as the gem that allows the robust growth has been stolen, leaving no future wine shipments after the current (including the poisoned) batches that are fermenting.

That’s the general rundown. Now the party is left to decide how to deal with the remaining blights, and what the next steps are.


drcshell drcshell

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