Session 7

Frickin Wolves!!!


We picked up where we left off last week, at the bridge, surrounded by a pack of wolves and dire wolves, as well as a were wolf.

  • The group handily dispatched all the wolves, and their werewolf leader with minimal problems, thanks to a mixture of burning angel swarms, sleep spells, and the usual face shredding/melting.
  • Irena was injured in the battle but the wounds were not life threatening.
  • Continued on to Krezk, fleeing more howling from the north.
  • The gate was barred, and the burgomeister had no intention of letting anyone they did not trust into the town.
  • Irena’s letters and station helped the party convince them to allow her to stay under the city’s “protection” while they headed south through the woods towards the Wizard of Wines vineyard.
  • Forded the river with some magical hand waving… literally.
  • Despite attempts at stealth, were eventually found the next morning my Ernst Lanck, the servant/spy of Fiona Wachter, with an invitation from Strahd, requesting to meet and guaranteeing their safety if they decide to do so.


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