Session 5

4058446_orig.pngWell things got a little crazy in Vallaki this week.

  • Rhyld spooked the vampire nest upstairs of the coffin makers, leading the group to run like hell out of there to the safety of sunlight…
  • Part of the party high tailed it to the Bluewater to act like nothing happened.
    Meanwhile Elly escorted Heinrich and the bones of St. Andral to the church. Negotiating for Heinrich to stay there, and resanctifying the grounds.
  • The burgomeister and his henchman showed up, freaked out, and left in a huff. (While his henchman took a sudden interest in Irena)
  • The Martikovs advised that the only person that could replace Vallakovich… would be Fiona Wachter, who has her own issues.
  • Recon, and hiding (and smashing of rats) until Izek returned to the church with guards to take Irena.
  • THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!!!!! (or… at least a grand entrance, lots of violence, and a few incompetent guardsmen)

… and there we left things. Vallakovich’s main man dead, along with several guardsmen, a stirred up nest of vampire spawn, and all sorts of other things brewing in the city.

Regarding next week, there were some potential schedule conflicts I think. What’s everyone’s plans/needs? I’d like to get things scheduled because if we’re not playing, I might go camping. :)


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