Session 4

Well a lot went on last week, but I’m gonna try to be brief here.

  • The party met Danica and Urwin Martikov, proprietors of the Blue Water Inn.
  • They found out the wine supplies are running low, and the Martikovs couldn’t pay them for it, but they’d offer any assistance they can if the shipment could be checked on.
  • Met a pair of local wolf hunters, enjoying the spoils from the recent festival focused on killing wolves.
  • Discovered the burgomaster (Vallakovich) is a petty and vengeful man who holds weekly festivals, thinking making the people happy will free them from Strahd. His political rival, the widow Fiona Wachter would be a more competent leader, but has ties to Strahd.
  • Coined the term “Bro-rovians”
  • Met Rictavio, a travelling carnival performer who is stuck in Barovia… with a saber tooth tiger in his wagon.
  • Visited the church of St. Andral and spoke with the priest who informed them of the removal of the bones that sanctified the site and protected it from evil. It would be disastrous if this was known.
  • The priest has not had contact with the Abby of St. Markovia in some time, nor Donnovich. It’s evident that the clergy used to be in closer communication but current situations make that unfeasible.
  • Interrogated the sullen gravedigger, using unconventional mammary-based techniques, to find out he took the bones for the grave digger in exchange for money to help feed is family.
  • Broke down the door of the grave digger, held him at crossbow point, and found the bones.
  • Discovered a mysterious charismatic man had forced him to hide several crates in his attic in exchange for unspecified prosperity (an offer he couldn’t refuse.) The crates contained horrible powerful creatures that forced him to steal and hide the bones.
  • Rylde… investigated.

And that’s where we left. No combat, but the looks of a rather big fight about to happen. The Festival of the Burning Sun is in two days. And there is mention of a “Feast of St. Andral” in a week or so time.

Make sure you’ve adjusted for money spent on food. No other expenses were incurred as far as I recall

As for this week, I’m probably skipping RenFaire since I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about, so I’m open for a normal Friday night. Noel is going to have his hands full with lots of seamen for the next few weeks, so we may be down a bard. I leave it to you all what you’d prefer to do with this. Options are:
Continue campaign. Someone will need to play Maxi. (Provided Noel is ok with this)
I can roll up a one(or two really) shot of some sort easily… with fewer eastern European accents.
Some other game night (board games or some such)
Let me know what you all want to do. I’m flexible and here to facilitate, but I’ll need peoples input.


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