Session 2

Thanks for making it out on Saturday all. Here’s the summary of the goings on.

  • Zhermenos, not believing the mist to be impassable, left to find his own way out of the valley.
  • The party visited Bildrath’s Mercantile, meeting Bildrath and his nephew Perrywimpple. Prices were exorbitant, yet Safra purchased a small spool of crimson thread.
  • While staying the night at the home of Ireena and Ismark, the house was attacked by a host of undead, lead by a ghast who demanded Ireena be surrendered to it. Fighting ensued, and though some injuries were sustained, the party was able to best the undead.
  • It was revealed after this, that Strahd had bitten Ireena twice, and was relentlessly pursuing her, believing her to be “Tatyana”. The party left the house in the middle of the night to the minimal (but better) safety of the church.
  • Donovich, the priest, advised in the morning they take Ireena far away, to the Abby of St. Markovia, to be protected there on hallowed ground by the abbot.
    The group left as early as possible heading west.
  • They came to a gallows, with 11 unmarked graves, at the crossroads along the Old Svalich road. One of the hanging bodies was noticed to look exactly like Rylde. When struck, the corpse melted and disintegrated, leaving nothing behind.
  • They continued along the north fork, attempting reaching Tser pool and the Vistani encampment where Madam Eva resides.
  • At the camp, it was discovered they were all known and expected. They attempted to hide the presence of Irena, however Madam Eva’s powers of foresight saw through the subterfuge.
  • Rylde made friends with some Vistani through the magic of story and alcoholism.
  • Madam Eva read their fortune, and outlined what the group must find to “help” Strahd be free of his curse.
  • Madam Eva also disclosed that Zhermenos was also headed west.
  • The party continued on, past the Tser falls, heading towards Vallaki.
  • Unable to reach Vallaki by sundown, the group made camp and set a watch in a near by wood.

And that’s where we left it. I was full of anti-inflammatories and sinus meds so tell me if there’s anything my spacey brain forgot.


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